Pmag GUI and MagIC GUI 1.1.3

@Caoimhinmg Caoimhinmg released this Nov 22, 2016

Pmag GUI & MagIC GUI are standalone graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that provide tools for uploading, downloading, and analyzing data from the MagIC database. This download is for Windows only — click here for the OSX download and here for the Linux (ubuntu 14.04 trusty) download.

For complete documentation on using the GUIs, see the PmagPy Cookbook.

To download full PmagPy functionality, see the PmagPy repository.

Next, get started by downloading the compressed standalone file of your preference (see links below) and put the resulting folder wherever you want. You will need to "extract all" files from the compressed file to use them. Then double click the executable to the program you wish to use and it should run, please be patient as it can take up to 30 seconds to start.

Note: There are still bugs to be found! Please feel free to open any bugs you find as issues in the main PmagPy repository. If this doesn't work email