Unofficial Periscope client
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# OpenPeriscope Unofficial in-browser client for Periscope (userscript)

Using as standalone application

You can use pre-built executables from Releases page, or

  1. Download NW.js v0.12.3:
  2. Unpack it and add path to PATH enviroment variable
  3. Copy ffmpegsumo.dll ( for Linux) from Google Chrome 41 directory to NW.js directory
  4. Download and unpack ffmpeg static build to OpenPeriscope directory
  5. Download and install NPM (bundled with node.js):
  6. Run in repo directory
 npm install
 nw . 

If you want to update pre-built version, you can use this instructions

Using as userscript

  1. Install userscript manager
  2. Click to link and then "Install"
  3. Navigate to

In this case posting to chat will not work.


  1. Type consumer secret of Periscope App (Where do I get it? Hunt out. Reverse the app, steal from twitter's devs, or something else)
  2. Click "Sign in with twitter"
  3. Login to the Twitter (if not yet) and click "Authorize"
  4. Here you go!


  • All functions of mobile client (except broadcasting)
  • Recording of live broadcasts
  • Downloading of replays
  • Notifications and automatic download, when broadcast from subscriptions starts
  • Screenlists
  • Chat history (also in SRT subtitles)
  • Periscope API test

In userscript version, "Download" link is absent, so you can use FFmpeg (or other program) to download broadcasts:

ffmpeg -i "your_link_here" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc result.mp4

ffmpeg -protocol_whitelist file,https,tls,hls,tcp -i playlist.m3u8 -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc result.mp4

API Documentation

Docs by @cjhbtn, actualized by me:



Third-party software

  1. jQuery
  2. CryptoJS
  3. Leaflet
  4. Leaflet.markercluster
  5. js-emoji
  6. clipboard.js
  7. jQuery Spoiler
  8. Split.js


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