A Passive Skill Tree Planner for Path of Exile
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PoESkillTree Discord

A Passive Skill Tree and Character Planner for Path of Exile


  • Import build URLs from:
    • PoEBuilder
    • PoE Planner
    • PoEURL
    • TinyURL
  • Export build to PoEURL link
  • Character Sheet: DPS and Defensive calculations
  • Tree comparison: Compare current tree with the tree of a saved build
  • Search the tree
    • Search by text through the field in the bottom bar
    • Search by attribute name through the context menus of attributes in the "Attributes" sidebar
    • Find similar nodes by hovering over a node while holding down Shift
  • Group attributes: Manage groups through the context menu of attributes. Enter a # as part of the group name and it will sum the attributes in the group.
  • Show all changes to attributes when skilling a node: click View -> Show summary of changes or press Ctrl+G
  • Equipment
    • Accessible by clicking on "Equipment" in the top right corner
    • Change your character's equipped items
    • Change socketed gems of items (double left click or right click the item)
    • Organize imported and crafted items in a stash
    • Import character inventories and stash tabs
    • Craft rare and unique items
    • Inventory is saved per build, stash is shared between all builds
  • Build organization
    • Builds are organized in folders
    • Drag&Drop builds to reorder them and move them between folders
    • Edit name, note, account and character name by right click -> Edit
    • Builds are saved as individual files. Open the root folder by clicking File -> Open build directory. Edit the location in Edit -> Settings -> Build save path.
    • Share build files with others:
      • Share the build file itself: Others can import it by opening the file with PoESkillTree (double click the file).
      • Share the build file as text: Copy a build (press Ctrl+C or right click -> Copy) and paste it somewhere. Others can then copy the pasted text and paste it into the program (select a build or folder in PoESkillTree and press Ctrl+V or right click -> Paste).
    • Check the context menu of builds for more options
  • Let PoESkillTree help you in creating trees:
    • The Skill Tree Generator can create trees based on constraints set by you. Go to Nodes -> Skill Tree Generator to find out more.
  • Hotkeys
    • To see available hotkeys, go to Help -> Hotkeys or check the menu/context menu entry in question.
  • GUI
    • Hide sidebars
    • Ability to choose color theme (View -> Theme and View -> Accent)



  1. Go to the release page and select the version you would like, most likely the latest.
  2. Download
  3. Portal: choose the zip file
  4. Installer: choose the exe file
  5. Unzip/Install it to a location of your choice
  6. Start PoESkillTree.exe



Go to: Help -> Check for Updates


If you have settings and/or saved builds you want to keep when updating do this:

  1. Follow the first three steps under Install
  2. Now either unzip to same directory and overwrite everything. Or choose a new location and then copy over PersistentData.xml. To copy your saved builds, follow this wiki page.

Skilltree version

The program always ships with the latest skilltree data available when the release is done. If you know there is a new version of the tree on the official website but no new version of this program is available you can do this:

  1. Delete the Data folder and then just start the program, it will download the latest version.
  2. If you have the program running just go to: Tools -> Redownload Skill Tree Assets

Note: Both these options require that you can access the official Path of Exile website.


Information for contributors

  • The code requires Visual Studio 2017 to be compiled and run
  • It is compiled to .NET 4.5.2 using C# 7.2
  • To run the batch scripts in WPFSKillTree (and by extension, compile the code in Run configuration), your Visual Studio installation's Common7/Tools/ folder must be added to the PATH environment variable