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A demonstrator of goniometric location computation by using range finders based scanning beacons.

Developed for illustrating the application of simple trigonometric functions for young students.

The application is composed of :

  • a hardware part, made of two scanning beacons built around AX12 Dynamixel servos (Robotis) and infra-red range finders.

  • a Python controlling sofware, managing servos and sensors, running on a headless RasPi

  • a PC application, featuring a real-time animated graphical representation of the contraption and displaying the tracked object location, computed on the basis of echos detected by the sensors

PC software and RasPi embedded code communicate over the network.

The Raspberry Wifi is configured in AP mode, and Avahi is used so that the GUI application does not need to know any fixed IP address.

See contraption details on POBOT robotics association web site (

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