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This repository is the result of a tutorial about creating a SPA (Single Page Application) with role-based authentication with Laravel and Vue.

This tutorial is available here (version française ici).


  • PHP 7
  • Composer
  • NodeJs
  • MySQL


  • Clone the repository
  • Installer back dependencies with composer install
  • Install front dependencies with npm i
  • Copy file .env.example in .env and add following informations:
    • Database credentials (DB_HOST, DB_PORT, ...)
    • Application url (APP_URL). Either virtual host address if you configure one, either address form the command php artisan serve
  • Generate application key with php artisan key:generate
  • Generate JWT key with php artisan jwt:secret
  • Launch migrations with php artisan migrate --seed.
  • Build front with npm run dev

If you did'nt set a virtual host, launch application with the php artisan serve command. By default, application will be served at