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@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ You must follow these guidelines if you wish to contribute to the PocketMine-MP
- **No generic titles** such as "Question", "Help", "Crash Report" etc. If an issue has a generic title they will either be closed on the spot, or a collaborator will edit it to describe the actual symptom.
- Information must be provided in the issue body, not in the title. No tags are allowed in the title, and do not change the title if the issue has been solved.
- Similarly, no generic issue reports. It is the issue submitter's responsibility to provide us an issue that is **trackable, debuggable, reproducible, reported professionally and is an actual bug**. If you do not provide us with a summary or instructions on how to reproduce the issue, it is a support request until the actual bug has been found and therefore the issue is closed.
+ - To express appreciation, objection, confusion or other supported reactions on pull requests, issues or comments on them, use GitHub [reactions]( rather than posting an individual comment with an emoji only. This helps keeping the issue/pull rqeuest conversation clean and readable.
## Contributing Code
* Use the [Pull Request]( system, your request will be checked and discussed.

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