Server crashes when new chunks need to be generated #2308

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Happens whenever a player travels far out in the world forcing new chunks to generate. The world was completely generated by Pocketmine.


Found out this crash only happens when a player logs off the server in one of these newly generated chunks.


I may be encountering this. When I'm the last user to log off, the server crashes. It takes down the entire droplet (digital ocean).


@ramijames Try using screen


Can you explain?

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014, Shoghi Cervantes

@ramijames Try using screen

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#2308 (comment)

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same here

PocketMine-MP Crash Dump Wed Dec 10 16:18:17 UTC 2014

Error: Call to a member function getLevel() on null
File: /src/pocketmine/event/level/ChunkEvent
Line: 37

[29] abstract class ChunkEvent extends LevelEvent{
[30] /* @var FullChunk /
[31] private $chunk;
[33] /

[34] * @param FullChunk $chunk
[35] /
[36] public function __construct(FullChunk $chunk){
[37] parent::__construct($chunk->getProvider()->getLevel());
[38] $this->chunk = $chunk;
[39] }
[41] /
[42] * @return FullChunk
[43] */
[44] public function getChunk(){
[45] return $this->chunk;
[46] }
[47] }


PocketMine-MP version: Alpha_1.4dev #840 [Protocol 20; API 1.7.1]

but dont know how its happend

PS its the same with newer or older dev builds


Screen seems to do the trick. Thanks for that.

@shoghicp shoghicp added a commit that closed this issue Dec 28, 2014
@shoghicp shoghicp Fixed memory leak issues on chunk generation under 32-bit hosts, fixe…
…d issue with generated chunks not having a provider. Closes #2419, fixes #2308, closes #2421
@shoghicp shoghicp closed this in 8d9fbec Dec 28, 2014
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