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Issue description

I used my Ip address to join and port forwarding is done but when i tried joining in, "Server is full!" pops up immediately...PLEASE HELP

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Install the PocketMine in PC

  2. Port Forward my ip address

    3.Copy Ip address in my internet connection

    4.Paste Ip address in the minecraft pe ip address box in create a new server

OS and versions

  • PocketMine-MP: 1.4.1-980 "絶好(Zekkou)ケーキ(Cake)" (API 1.11.0)
  • PHP: ???
  • OS: Windows 7
PrimusLV commented Oct 3, 2016 edited

Incompatible server and client aka. update.


Another solution is to go into the file and change the amount of player slots.


@LargeArt7338551 I can see why u thought that, although that is not the problem, this should probably be changed, is there a file for these errors?


@LargeArt7338551 @archie426 You guys read books can understand them right? Better read the version then. He's using the old version of pocketmine -__-
@Iceyascool Use the latest version of pocketmine


I tried getting help with this, as well. Trust me, I got shot down as well. Same responses.
Try running a different server that isn't PM-MP. It fixed my issue, then try to use PM-MP again. If it doesn't work, try asking a dev..


But how to explain this problem that shows 'Server is full' in-game without starting Server in any PM versions?

SOF3 commented Oct 22, 2016

Please read the README. Project is moved.

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