How i can know the ip and port of my server #4300

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badp1g commented Oct 25, 2016 edited

In plugin?
Port: $this->getServer()->getPort();
Or ip and port to join?
If you open server on PC, use local ip and standart port
If you open server on VDS, use ip what you use to connect there


Google is a nice person to ask

On Oct 25, 2016 11:38 AM, "badp1g" wrote:

In plugin?
Port: $this->getServer()->getPort();

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DiegoGTRatty commented Oct 27, 2016 edited

@GlitchPlayer 10/10 you jerk. ;(

@MarwanEA You can use google to search your external IP. It should be able to tell you right away.

As for the port, if you didn't modify the setup files, it SHOULD still be the default port (19132).

Also, you should go to this link my freind:

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