Not able to craft in 16.2 pocketmine server. #4308

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Issue description

Im able to craft tree blocks into wood blocks but once I have wood blocks Im not able to craft any further, for example a crafting table.

Steps to reproduce the issue

To reproduce Its pretty obvious, try to craft a crafting table out of four wood blocks.

OS and versions

  • PocketMine-MP: Hydration implanted API 2.1.0 for MCPE 16+
  • PHP: 7.0.3
  • OS: Google Pixel Android 7.1 and same issue on Android 6
dktapps commented Dec 13, 2016

omg... are you seriously stupid?

a. this repository is dead
c. read the damn README.

SOF3 commented Dec 13, 2016

@dktapps it says "Hydration implanted API 2.1.0" not "hydracon implemented API 2.1.0" ;)

dktapps commented Dec 13, 2016 edited

@SOF3 well, that either means Hydracon or... nothing else, since Hydreon/Steadfast doesn't have API 2.1. So I took a guess.


Try using a different server software to run your servers on (that is in PHP language), this repository has not been updated within a while so many stuff is behind (you can try using Pmmp or Genisys or some other useful software)

SOF3 commented Dec 14, 2016 edited

Genisys will no longer be under active development.

PocketMine is not discontinued. It is just migrated to another repository ( due to various reasons.

AutoGrind commented Dec 17, 2016 edited

dktapps your just an asshole. that was auto correct I meant hydracon. to the others thanks for the help ill look into it and get up to date.

dktapps commented Dec 17, 2016 edited

@AutoGrind You have a nerve calling me an asshole for submitting an issue related to third-party-modified builds of PocketMine at the original repository.

SOF3 commented Dec 17, 2016 edited

@dktapps He said your just an asshole. I suppose it is a grammar mistake; it means "your asshole is just an asshole". I believe this to be true, and I think it is a compliance for your alimentary canal's health.


no i called him an asshole and meant it. yeah i made a mistake with putting it in the wrong repository but it didn't deserve being called stupid as dktapps did

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