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shoghicp commented Aug 12, 2014

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zhuowei and others added some commits Aug 4, 2014

@zhuowei zhuowei Allow 0.9.0 clients to spawn 0a130db
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr More explanatory readme b08e979
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Auto-restart utils fa1694f
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Rename, remove auto-update c6b2c94
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Bump protocol version, new codename 67a615a
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Main file renamed to fit with separate naming struct 1ec29dd
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Why did this not go in the last commit -.- 7234b44
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Clean up unneeded files 83ef665
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Add custom options file a415a4f
@zhuowei @shoghicp zhuowei Proof-of-concept chunk sending that sends all-TNT chunks; disabled ti…
…le entity and position sending, removed Ping/Pong packets
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr I'll be amazed if this works (no meta yet...) b89d84c
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Debug 35d7e09
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Needs optimization, might be wrong order, might work fd136dc
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Debug 16add96
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr This keyboard :( f254b05
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr PHP derp maybe? fbaea07
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Slightly more helpful spam 7c5fa2e
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Nvm that was stupid. 046cb6d
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Remove any echoing. 3f0bf12
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Dare I uncomment? 4e04148
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Use chr() instead 04343c6
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Block checking and debugging 4a01f7d
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Derp. 82fd488
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Better method check 323f84c
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr It's an array :) 2b776d0
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Remove debug echo 74aed32
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Initial optimized chunk generation attempt 7100fb3
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Variable derp. 88beb5f
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Shorter message, require, line return d28dd02
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Better output handling b94e61d
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Debug a2c4aac
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Testing/derp fix. 74f8a21
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Better inclusion? 6cb524b
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Move custom options file. fc9f6cd
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Path constant change cd1a5d0
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Confirmed debugging, remove test 1e476b0
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Remove debug json. 28df572
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Finish fixing file names. d174781
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Add optimization status indicator 9c59e55
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Fix already generated detection. 852ee92
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr More output 74ce5ea
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Fix file detection 8fe3526
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Less output 2dd514c
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Don't save air. 5449aed
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown I fixed it!
@williamtdr @shoghicp williamtdr Better terminal display 7697026
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Debug output. 5c4261c
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown more debug print. db48bc1
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Syntax error. 59a66d2
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Commenting out the bad ideas. 57a1c97
@zhuowei @shoghicp zhuowei Added basic chunk sending; added unload chunk packet for future use b31a528
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown No more air-players 2aed42f
@zhuowei @shoghicp zhuowei Update MoveEntityPacket and SetEntityMotionPacket
Todo: find out why
- players appear to move underground
- whether the RemovePlayer packet can be used when hiding players that have teleported to a different world
@zhuowei @shoghicp zhuowei Kludge to send player head positions instead of feet positions, remov…
…ed log spam
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Implemented Block Data
Hopefully what Zhuowei had works.
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Revert "Implemented Block Data"
This reverts commit bfef7b3.
Reverted "Implemented Block Data" - that was messed up.
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Maybe this will fix the silliness. 0488d45
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Test commit. 4f0109c
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown This commit should work. d5768c2
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Oops, syntax. 6db023d
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown I am an idiot. Someone slap me. 6e75108
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Test with offset from ChunkSection. 5b575f5
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Fix for overwriting meta c2ac602
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Make a mistake. Whoops. 106d7ce
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown shog-fix 0d533c9
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown More shog-fixes b02d504
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown DEFLATE level 7 4416765
@shoghicp @shoghicp shoghicp Changed blocks and data to use PMF sectional index c7dbdc3
@shoghicp @shoghicp shoghicp Fixed miniChunk selection 40255ed
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Revert "DEFLATE Level 7" - changes might be unstable 74533c0
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Fixed EntityDataPacket 754fde0
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Fixed the undefined extend..? 7b44ac1
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Fixed the undefined extend. c07ad43
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Implemented Tiles.
Tiles, Deflate 7
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Syntax correction. dab102e
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Fix to get the level. 4c646c2
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Fixed undefined Info. b86716e
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Added debug. 6adb790
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown ugh, syntax da17eb6
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown More debug output. 64f6bc4
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Ugh. 6a2bc46
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown More debug. d671fd9
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown :| b99749f
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown D: 1effa29
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown :||| 49da6aa
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown stupid, STUPID UNOWN 3581786
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown ffs! STUPID, STUPID UNOWN! 136eea0
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown removed some debug, and stupidity 1855e8d
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown It looks fancier now. 6411033
@64FF00 @shoghicp 64FF00 Update start.cmd 2b5b973
@64FF00 @shoghicp 64FF00 Update start.cmd 51132dd
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Backported 1.4 NBT, re-implemented signs with Compounds. 2d8dd56
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Commited new Level file for previous commit. a933e84
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Included NamedTag and tag...?.? ec1fee2
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown require all. a78a292
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Oops. c9ffe8e
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown Try #2. e7f360c
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown umm. 9de3757
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown umm. f4754f5
@KnownUnown @shoghicp KnownUnown ugh. 4a747be
<williamtdr> Darunia18: What if you wanted to build a fence out of bread.
<williamtdr> There was really no reason to, you just really wanted a bread fence.
<williamtdr> Now you see, there was only one person in the whole world that could make you a fence out of bread.
<williamtdr> See, this person was coming out with a new and improved version of his bread fence. It resembled the walls of a castle.
<williamtdr> However, it used more resources (flour) than could practically be obtained at the time, and the bread-fence maker no longer built nor maintained the old bread fences.
<williamtdr> A friend comes to you, telling you he really wants a bread fence, and you tell him about this guy that makes the bread fences.
<williamtdr> And he asks you what will happen, he needs his bread fence tommorow, and he only has 10 bags of flour, that's the most that can practically be obtained.
<williamtdr> You also know that he only had one can of yeast.
<williamtdr> And that he needs to plan his week based on when the bread fence will get to a state in which it is not so dense and use so many resources as to be pracitcal.
<williamtdr> So you tell him the truth: He needs to consider other fences or solutions, because there's no way he can get enough flour.
<williamtdr> Now, you could lie to your friend.
<williamtdr> You could tell him that you have complete trust that the bread fence will come into being by the required time, although in your tests you ran the flour needed was disproportionate in an epic sense.
<williamtdr> But that's not going to help him.

shoghicp and others added some commits Aug 13, 2014

@shoghicp shoghicp Added base Phar changes dfe987c
@shoghicp shoghicp Merge branch 'phar'
@shoghicp shoghicp Added phar creation script 980b823
@shoghicp shoghicp Fixed handlerPriority order e77dbc9
@shoghicp shoghicp Better fix for #1201 (case-insensitive) 2cdd4d7
@milk0417 @shoghicp milk0417 fixed disconnected message 3983aee
@shoghicp shoghicp Changed a few packet things
@shoghicp shoghicp Added /plugins and /version f6d751a
@shoghicp shoghicp added protocol number to /version bfb5e49
@shoghicp shoghicp Set a world spawnpoint using /spawnpoint w:WORLD x y z
@shoghicp shoghicp Tall Grass can be replaced d246787
@shoghicp shoghicp Send inventory on invalid crafting/invalid movement of item ec2dcf1
@shoghicp shoghicp Fixed #1193 using #1194 dbfc8f5
@shoghicp shoghicp Fixed #1229 7b23d81
@shoghicp shoghicp *and 50ab976
@shoghicp shoghicp Changed preg_match() code in Player username handling 6a77cd4
@shoghicp shoghicp Lots of typos fixed, undefined variables, unused code
@shoghicp shoghicp oops, typo 56281a8
@shoghicp shoghicp small fixes
@shoghicp shoghicp Query token now depends on the source IP 6e57371
@shoghicp shoghicp Fix error dump not dumped on memory problems 80d0f89
@shoghicp shoghicp Update memory data on crash c65f26c
@shoghicp shoghicp Fixed #1258 b745278
@shoghicp shoghicp Changed class name 9e59bf4
@shoghicp shoghicp Forgot to remove crash debug code. Fix #1260 8e2fb6e
@shoghicp shoghicp Fix E_STRICT errors d84e9e0
@iksaku @shoghicp iksaku Update BanAPI.php
/sudo help more descriptive?
@shoghicp shoghicp send-usage is now an advanced property :P 5c6f267
@shoghicp shoghicp Added #1196 async function queuing
Params: array("function" => $functionName, "arguments" => array
@shoghicp shoghicp Check for block changes each 2 ticks instead of each 15 ticks a0ce97c
@shoghicp shoghicp Fix RCON packet structure #1278 0d00d19
@shoghicp shoghicp Remove non-implemented chat colors from player messages d4f1803
@shoghicp shoghicp Added /msg alias to /tell :P f620a6c
@shoghicp shoghicp Remove ANSI characters on clean 286a5f3
@shoghicp shoghicp Do not sleep on main Thread when actions are being done
@shoghicp shoghicp faster packet decode using pure-PHP functions instead of core-PHP one…
…s :P. WTF PHP

@shoghicp shoghicp go away E_NOTICEs 376a6a6
@shoghicp shoghicp Remove PMF Level E_NOTICE error on creation 8b42792
@shoghicp shoghicp Bumped API to 13, version Alpha_1.3.13 f840918


Robert Frost said:

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life — It goes on.

I thought the ping and pong packets were removed in 0.9?

PING PONG packets are part of RakNet, but 1.3.x implements them in the core. 1.4 has them in RakLib

Yeah, forgot to put these changes in since they were on another tree. remember that Phar::running(true) can return an empty string (=== "")

aww :( but me code!

@KnownUnown That sent 50099 chests and 48247 signs PER CHUNK. You were sending all the chunks in the level PER CHUNK.

It was the source of all the problems you had with CPU there :P

Confusing. But I'll take it.


KnownUnown commented Aug 17, 2014

I wince at the syntax.

shoghicp closed this Aug 18, 2014

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