PocketMine-MP 1.4 "Zekkou Cake"

@shoghicp shoghicp released this Jan 2, 2015 · 796 commits to master since this release

For Minecraft: PE v0.10.4 alpha

This is the first stable build of PocketMine-MP 1.4. Lots of changes have happened since 1.3.12, and they won't be detailed here. You can find them on the release list here on GitHub.

Old worlds won't be converted automatically, and you can find it lacking some features. These will be implemented in a future update, as the release was pushed ahead due to the old "stable" release being completely outdated and no features being offered by it.

This version has API changes, bumping the version to 1.10.0. These changes are detailed below.

Main features:

  • New version format (drops the stage part)
  • Added automatic/manual IP blocking
  • Increased chunk defaults
  • Improved speed of several generation steps
  • Fixed some memory leaks on 32-bit hosts
  • Improved exception handling and trace creation

API changes

  • API 1.10.0
  • Changed RakLib network interface implementation

Fixes and additions:

  • Bitmask block state
  • New version format
  • Possible workaround for some PHP bug related to resources and threads
  • Players won't take damage 60 ticks after spawning / respawning.
  • Fixed #2446
  • Added automatic/manual RakLib IP address, block addresses when exceptions are thrown
  • Move Query exceptions to debug level > 1
  • Block IP addresses on ban-ip
  • Added typehints to HelpCommand
  • Corrected fence crafting recipes, closes #2457
  • Improved Normal generator speed
  • Fixed memory leak issues on chunk generation under 32-bit hosts. Closes #2419, fixes #2308
  • Fixed issue with generated chunks not having a provider. Closes #2421
  • Higher chunk defaults
  • Improved Simplex 2D noise
  • Added chunk check on Level
  • Detect really big corrupted chunks, closes #2471
  • Improved exception handling and trace creation
  • Fixed players not calculating onGround correctly

Not implemented or known issues:
Please do not report lacking features to the bug tracker, only report bugs on implemented features.

  • Entities / Entity AI
  • No conversion for old levels (will be added later)
  • No Minecarts
  • Not all items are implemented
  • Generated worlds use a basic generator