PocketMine-MP 1.4dev-855 beta16 "Zekkou Cake"

@shoghicp shoghicp released this Nov 29, 2014 · 887 commits to master since this release

For Minecraft: PE v0.10.4 alpha

This version has API changes, some additions and fixes, bumping the version to 1.8.0. These changes are detailed below.

Main features:

  • Fixed some duplication issues
  • Added light spreading
  • Less glitched PlayerMoveEvent handling by plugins

API changes

  • API 1.8.0
  • Added Level->getFullLight()
  • Updated player movement processing and event handling

Fixes and additions:

  • Fixed armor dropping twice
  • Fixed invalid worlds property being set by users
  • Removed temporal pthreads workaround
  • Implemented light population
  • Removed old revert flag from Player->processMovement()
  • Enabled batch block sending again

Not implemented or known issues:
Please do not report lacking features to the bug tracker, only report bugs on implemented features.

  • Entities / Entity AI
  • No support for LevelDB worlds (0.9.0 format)
  • No conversion for old levels (will be added later)
  • No Minecarts
  • Not all items are implemented
  • Generated worlds use a basic generator