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Code for the Mega 2560 in the vending machine at
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Code for the Mega 2560 in the vending machine at

Written by David Sikes, any code usage from other sources is cited in the blog entry for this project on

Compiled on 1.5.2


Credit_Card_Emulator - Main file. Contains CC strings and the associated NFC tag UIDs

BitWritingHandler - Code to send data to coil as well as how to write certain chars

CardStringInterpreter - Calculates LRC then writes card string passed + LRC on the end

LRC_Calc - Does the actual LRC calculation then passes back a string of bits for the LRC char

Notes - Misc info about pin setup and track 2 info

readSerial - If a serial string comes in, passes that string back. (Does not return. Look at Credit_Card_Emulator for example on how to use.)
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