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Pod Devs (Pod Group M2M/IoT)

(re)Thinking Telecoms & IoT with an open source mind 💡

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  1. Forked from pbakondy/mcc-mnc-list

    📶 List of MCC and MNC codes from up-to-date Wikipedia page

    JavaScript 1 1

  2. 🗺 Display SIM card PLMN / FPLMN steering lists on your browser

    Python 1 1

  3. JavaCard SIM card applet to configure a PDP Context with a correct APN via RUN AT proactive command

    Java 3 4

  4. JavaCard SIM card applet to monitor the status of data connectivity over-the-air

    Java 5 4

  5. JavaCard SIM card applet to deliver an SMS very the first time the SIM registers in the GSM/GPRS network

    Java 7 3

  6. A multi-platform framework for communicating and interacting with 2G/3G/4G usb modems

    Python 3 2

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