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Pretty much just a small pastebin script. This is what I do when I'm bored.
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What's so special a🅱out 🅱aste🅱in, you ask? A🅱solutely nothing. Except the concept of generating content URLs 🅱ased on sums of the content, that way two posts of the exact same content are magically one, and it's not difficult at all to do.


Okay so first off, this was only designed and tested on U🅱untu 17.04 (grsec) with Apache 2.2ish, PHP 7.something, and MySQL server version something or other. So you might have issues with other things, 🅱ut I really don't care, LAMP master race, and remem🅱er to keep your shit updated. Post your versions in an issue report if something 🅱ad happens, I'll help ya' out.

Next, there's the script itself. I'm far too lazy (at least at this current moment) to have this script generate the schema if it doesn't already have it populated, 🅱ut it might happen soon. As for now, just import the .sql provided as 🅱aste.sql

🅱e sure to configure the data🅱ase, "inc/d🅱.php" is your 🅱est friend.

Lastly, there are still some de🅱ug things ena🅱led on the script that I forgot to disa🅱le, if you actually give a shit a🅱out info disclosure from the script (including 🅱ut not limited to data🅱ase name, user name, file path) throw me an issue report or something and I'll stop 🅱eing lazy.

Also, if there's anything else I should put here, comment or issue pls.

Thanks for using 🅱aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa\


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaste🅱in, hope you enjoy.

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