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A Docker image that makes it easy for Ghost theme creators to develop and test their themes for the highest quality.
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🎨 Ghost for Theme Creators

Develop, test, and deliver high-quality themes for Ghost with Ghost for Theme Creators, a Docker image that helps you develop and test your Ghost themes with over 20 unit tests in the form of posts and pages.

🧪 List of tests

These tests are designed to help you find bugs in your themes, and to ensure they are robust enough to handle a variety of edge cases.

  • HTML cards
  • Featured post
  • Featured post (no image)
  • Special characters
  • YouTube cards
  • Vimeo cards
  • Image cards
  • Long content
  • Nested and mixed lists
  • Many tags
  • No title, no content, no image
  • Untitled post
  • No content
  • Long title
  • Error page
  • Post (no image)
  • Page
  • Page (no image)
  • Gallery cards
  • Embedded items
  • Bookmarks

🔧 Adding it to your theme

  1. Create a docker-compose.yml file in your theme's project directory:
# This docker-compose.yml file is intended for easy development of this theme.
version: '3'
    image: poeticthemes/ghost-for-theme-creators
      - 80:2368
      # Mount source code into casper directory to set it as the current theme:
      - ./:/var/lib/ghost/content/themes/casper/
    restart: always
      - url=http://localhost
      - NODE_ENV=development
  1. Make sure Docker Desktop is running and in your theme's project directory run docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d
  2. Open http://localhost on your web browser and start developing.

For a real example check the docker-compose.yml file in the Boo for Ghost theme.

💬 How to request more tests

Simply open a new issue here and exmplain the test you want to implement with as much detail as possible.

❤️ Show us your love

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