A CLI Timer for usage with the Pomodoro Technique.
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Pomodoro CLI Time

This is a CLI Timer for the use with the Pomodoro-Technique

It will be developed using Readme Driven Development. Therfore there is not everything working atm. (Or better nothing ;-)


  • Configurable time intervalls for Pomodoros and Breaks
  • Configurable amount of pomodoros befor the longe breaks
  • Optional ticking and ringing Sound
  • a ticking pomodoro can be voided, optional with multiple keys to make voiding harder


pomodoroTimer [-Option=Value]

While the Timer is running it can be controlled by pressing hotkeys


  • -p length of a pomodoro in minutes (default 25)
  • -b length of the short breaks in minutes (default 5)
  • -c count of pomodoros before a long break (default 4)
  • -l length of the long break in minutes (default 20)
  • -t disables ticking sound
  • -r disables ringing sound
  • -v disables dificult voiding


pomodoroTimer //runs with the default values pomodoroTimer -c=5 -b=3 -p=30 -t


  • v+q : Voiding a Pomodoro
  • v : Voiding a Pomodoro when run with the -v option
  • Ctrl + Q : Quit
  • t : toggle ticking sound
  • r : toggle ringing sound

Future Features

  • Once the Pomodoro TodoList App is ready, you schould be able to run the timer for specific task from that list
  • Tracking of interruption shall be implemented