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Awesome HTML5 game engine
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Hydroxide - HTML5 Canvas Game Engine

Why is it awesome?

Hydroxide is a threaded, simple and out-of-your-way game framework for the HTML5 Canvas.

Its small, easy-to-use and keeps you free to do whatever the heck you want.

The source code is extremely well documented and easy to understand.

Check out examples/ and docs/ to learn more.

The examples/clickr/ is currently the most full featured example, but, docs/ will get you started much faster.

jQuery is a dependency!


  • Awesome docs - We document a ton and comment everything else
  • Object-based everything - you link in objects into the engine
  • Event based - the engine fire events that your objects can catch
  • Collision detection - Detect when a collision occurs, and get an event fired
  • State machine - read and write states of the engine
  • Keyboard and Mouse input - calls functions in your objects
  • Global data - Tie in data objects into Hydroxide, and they're there in all your objects
  • Base objects - Use prebuilt objects that include some commonly used methods that speed up development!
  • Simple - Stays out of your way, but, abstracts away some things


  • Fix the indentation! Its off in so many files! This will also get you accuainted with the source code :)

  • Write a game/demo. The only way we'll find issues is if people use Hydroxide.

  • Tell your friends (i.e. watch the project). Refer to the point above to find out why.

And, best of all, send pull requests!

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