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// Flask //
web development, one drop at a time
~ What is Flask?
Flask is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug
and Jinja2. It's intended for small scale applications
and was developed with best intentions in mind.
~ Is it ready?
It's still not 1.0 but it's shaping up nicely and is
already widely used. Consider the API to slightly
improve over time but we don't plan on breaking it.
~ What do I need?
Jinja 2.4 and Werkzeug 0.6.1. `pip` or `easy_install` will
install them for you if you do `easy_install Flask`.
I encourage you to use a virtualenv. Check the docs for
complete installation and usage instructions.
~ Where are the docs?
Go to for a prebuilt version
of the current documentation. Otherwise build them yourself
from the sphinx sources in the docs folder.
~ Where are the tests?
Good that you're asking. The tests are in the
flask/testsuite package. To run the tests use the
`` file:
$ python
If it's not enough output for you, you can use the
`--verbose` flag:
$ python --verbose
If you just want one particular testcase to run you can
provide it on the command line:
$ python test_to_run
~ Where can I get help?
Either use the #pocoo IRC channel on or
ask on the mailinglist: