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<!ENTITY trade "&#8482;"><!-- trade mark sign, U+2122 ISOnum -->
<!ENTITY meta SYSTEM "sections/meta.xml">
<!ENTITY overview SYSTEM "sections/overview.xml">
<!ENTITY resources SYSTEM "sections/resources.xml">
<!ENTITY functions SYSTEM "sections/functions.xml">
<!ENTITY dates SYSTEM "sections/dates.xml">
<!ENTITY numbers SYSTEM "sections/numbers.xml">
<!ENTITY objects SYSTEM "sections/objects.xml">
<!ENTITY strings SYSTEM "sections/strings.xml">
<!ENTITY dom SYSTEM "sections/dom.xml">
<!ENTITY windows SYSTEM "sections/windows.xml">
<!ENTITY server SYSTEM "sections/server.xml">
<!ENTITY debugging SYSTEM "sections/debugging.xml">
<!ENTITY donts SYSTEM "sections/donts.xml">
<!ENTITY suggestions SYSTEM "sections/suggestions.xml">
<FAQ VERSION="32.2" DATE="2010-10-08">
<TITLE>FAQ for comp.lang.javascript</TITLE>
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