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Quark is an experimental kernel written in C++ that's mainly for me to play around with. It serves as the kernel for the Pepper. It currently has support for both x86_64 and i686.

Getting Started


Make sure that you have followed the toolchain setup instructions in the Pepper, and that you have checked out the latest Quark code as a submodule.

Build system

Quark uses the CMake build system. As such, you will need to generate your own build files. To avoid cluttering the source code directory, Quark requires out-of-source builds. Create a subdirectory called build in the Quark folder. Change directory into the folder.

To generate the build files, run a variation of the command below:

cmake .. -G <your generator>

Replace <your generator> with your preferred build system, such as Make or Ninja. For a list, see the CMake documentation.

If you wish to build with debug support and logging, append -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug to the command to generate the build files.

Using the build system

Quark is primarily designed to interface with the Pepper build system. Therefore, you should use that most of the time. However, you can always use Quark's own build files.