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import logging
import requests
import time
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from import bigquery
from urllib.parse import urlparse
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def get_args():
from argparse import ArgumentParser
parser = ArgumentParser(description="Loads the raid reports table from the raid stream API.")
parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbose", action="count", help="the logging verbosity (more gives more detail)")
parser.add_argument("--lookback", default=10, help="Number of minutes to lookback in the stream (default: %(default)s)")
parser.add_argument("--interval", default=3, help="Time between attempts to pull from the stream (default: %(default)s)")
parser.add_argument("--endpoint", default="", help="The raid stream endpoint url (default: %(default)s)")
parser.add_argument("--dataset-id", default="pokenav", help="Name of the dataset to load into (default: %(default)s)")
parser.add_argument("--table-id", default="raid_reports", help="Name of the table to load into (default: %(default)s)")
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.verbose == 1:
level = logging.DEBUG
level = logging.INFO
logging.basicConfig(format="%(levelname)s %(asctime)s: %(message)s")
# connect to bigquery and fetch the table
args.client = bigquery.Client()
args.table_ref = args.client.dataset(args.dataset_id).table(args.table_id)
args.table = args.client.get_table(args.table_ref)
return args
def fetch_raid_reports(endpoint, lookback):
response = requests.get(endpoint, params=dict(lookback=lookback))
if response.status_code != 200:'Unable to fetch raid stream, received status code: {}'.format(response.status_code))
return []
data = response.json()
results = data.get('results', [])
next_fragment = data.get('next')
if next_fragment:
o = urlparse(endpoint)
next_url = '{uri.scheme}://{uri.netloc}{fragment}'.format(uri=o, fragment=next_fragment)
results += fetch_raid_reports(next_url, lookback)
return results
def fetch_and_process_raid_reports(args):
raid_reports = fetch_raid_reports(args.endpoint, args.lookback)
row_ids = [report['id'] for report in raid_reports]'Read {} records from raid stream, processing...'.format(len(raid_reports)))
errors = args.client.insert_rows_json(args.table, raid_reports, row_ids=row_ids, skip_invalid_rows=True)
if errors:
logger.error('Error: {}'.format(", ".join(errors)))
def main():
args = get_args()
logger.debug('Starting consumptions of raid stream...')
while True:
next_attempt = datetime.utcnow() + timedelta(minutes=3)
except Exception as ex:
logger.error('Error: {}'.format(ex))
time_to_sleep = (next_attempt - datetime.utcnow()).total_seconds()
if time_to_sleep > 0:'Read raid stream, sleeping until {}'.format(next_attempt.isoformat()))