@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Nov 5, 2018 · 44 commits to v4 since this release

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This version adds (direct) support for Minecraft 1.13.2.

Additionally, it adds support for using an external program (by default, 7-Zip) to make backups (see #90), and fixes an occasional crash on entering singleplayer (#104). The external backup feature is somewhat experimental and I'm aware that configuration of it is a bit awkward and that it isn't reflected on the progress bar too well; I'll work on it more in later updates.


@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Oct 22, 2018 · 53 commits to v4 since this release

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This version adds real support for Minecraft 1.13.1, and also fixes several bugs.

  • Due to the proper update to 1.13.1, the game no longer crashes when an arrow is loaded
  • Fixed broken hover text on the [WorldDL] message (#95)
  • Fixed display names for entity types in the entity list in 1.11 and newer (it was always using the namespaced ID, while prior versions used the translated name when possible)
  • Fixed issue involving WDL reading from the same buffers as other mods, which caused various problems
  • Fixed disconnects not being properly detected in some cases, which would cause data to not be saved and/or cause crashes (#100)
  • Added a ton of unit tests

My intent with this version is to get it out before 1.13.2 releases tomorrow. As such I still haven't gotten 1.13 updated to properly use forgegradle 3, but I hope to do that during the 1.13.2 release. Sorry that it's taking so long to update that bit!


@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Sep 19, 2018 · 106 commits to v4 since this release

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This version fixes a large number of bugs.

  • Fixed settings not being saved/loaded properly when multiworld support is disabled
  • Fixed saving large chests in 1.13 (including multiple large chests next to each other)
  • Fixed a game crash on joining servers running bungeecord
  • Fixed the world generator settings not being used properly (always defaulting to void)
  • Fixed the world generator preset for void not actually working right in 1.13
  • Fixed /seed parsing the seed incorrectly in 1.13 (due to added brackets)
  • Fixed the terrain generator applying a second time in 1.13, causing some parts of the world to be overwritten. This most notably caused the biome to always be set to plains, but also caused the bottom blocks in the world to be the default superflat blocks (grass, dirt, and then bedrock).
  • Fixed the buffet options screen not opening
  • Fixed generate structures defaulting to true, even though it used to default to false
  • Fixed NoSuchMethodErrors with realms

Additionally, several additional unit tests have been added (mainly for the configuration system) so that some of the previous bugs cannot happen again.

This version is still using the connect to 1.13.1 from 1.13 system; hopefully, I'll be able to get rid of that in the next update and have a proper 1.13.1 release.


  • The game crashes in 1.13.1 when an arrow is present (#97)
  • There have been reports of crashes similar to the bungee one from This is still being investigated.

@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Sep 8, 2018 · 165 commits to v4 since this release

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I've released version, which adds support for 1.13 and additionally support for 1.13.1 via a protocol implementation running on 1.13.

Some other notable changes:

  • Improved memory usage for unloaded chunks (by @jascotty2, #77; thanks!)
  • I've worked around some issues with certain versions of optifine that caused the world to not render (#79); however, note that the issues were only present in some early optifine development builds and no longer apply to current versions.
  • A square bounding box is now used for entity tracking, instead of a circular one (#78), which should fix some entity tracking issues. Note that entity tracking still does have some unresolved issues.
  • Reworked the internals of WDL's settings. Settings should continue working as-is for users.
  • Reworked a lot of the GUI code for cross-version support.

There are a lot of internal changes in this update for 1.13 compatibility, and I haven't completely tested everything. This is a very experimental build. If anything breaks, please create an issue or comment on the forum thread.

Regarding 1.13.1: the build for 1.13.1 implements the 1.13.1 protocol in 1.13, rather than being directly installed in 1.13.1. It will not run if installed in the wrong version (like any other one); make sure to use 1.13.0 for it. This version a temporary measure, while tooling is being worked on; it is likely to be unstable.

Regarding compiling: due to how unstable the toolchain is, it's currently not possible to compile the mod yourself for 1.13 or 1.13.1 (and I haven't included the buildscript for these versions since it simply would cause errors when trying to build the other versions). I'm working on this, but it's just not ready yet. The code is still present for reference, though.

Known issues:

  • In 1.13, large chests are not saved correctly, especially when they're placed next to other large chests (which is now possible without using trapped chests)
  • In 1.13, the world generator properties are not properly loaded, causing a superflat world instead of a void world
  • Structure generation defaults to true, causing issues with #68. This can be turned off in the generator settings.
  • The game crashes on joining servers running bungeecord.

@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Mar 5, 2018 · 357 commits to v4 since this release

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This version brings about a major restructuring of how WDL saves containers, and several other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Also, unit tests! This doesn't affect actual users, but does allow for much faster testing (automatically, without having to manually load the mod in each Minecraft version). A lot of the code is still not covered, but the new container code is.

Changes and fixes:

  • Command blocks are now imported after being saved
  • The display name (set via an anvil) is now saved for all block entities
  • Paper is now also treated the same way as spigot with regards to entity track distances
  • Fixed a crash when disconnecting while downloading (#72). Note that I still recommend using "stop download", as this behavior hasn't been fully tested.
  • Fixed a crash when changing worlds (#73) caused by render view entity issues.
  • Custom gamerules are no longer supported. 1.13 no longer has them, and they have no real purpose in the mod (as it is very unlikely that anything that is saved could read them). If you have a use for this functionality, you can still specify them with the /gamerule command.

@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Nov 18, 2017 · 446 commits to v4 since this release

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This version reintroduces support for 1.9. (All of the previous 4.x changes are thus included in 1.9). It also has (base-edit only) 1.9.2 support.

It also adds support for saving the display name on chests. This is a work in progress, and is currently limited only to chests; other containers will be added later (but a large amount of code adjustment, some of which has already started, will be needed).

Note that old MC versions are not tested as thoroughly as current releases. If you encounter any problems, please submit an issue or post in World Downloader's forum thread.

Due to issues with the 1.10.2 litemod (see #71), the build has been reuploaded with a modified mixin config. The original version has been renamed, prefixed with outdated_, but is still available (though since it does not start, there is no reason to use it). Instead, use the new, hotfixed version.

@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Oct 7, 2017 · 498 commits to v4 since this release

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This update fixes a few bugs, and adds debug information to hopefully allow fixing a few more later.

  • Re-added realms server name detection (rather than using "Unidentified Server"). This is untested.
  • Added support for saving villager careers (#67)
  • Added a warning about enabling structure generation causing world overwriting (#68). The actual cause of this problem hasn't yet been fixed.
  • Added more debug information about chunk saving, to try and diagnose the tile entity importing issue further. (Plus an attempted fix at it)