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@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Jan 10, 2016 · 461 commits to master since this release

Finally, 1.8d is released! A bunch of changes to GUIs, an API, the ability to add foreign language translations, and several other things have been added. This has been nearly 6 months in the making...

This version is a backport of the 1.8d changes to 1.7.10.

Note that the API is still a work in progress, and there isn't anything using it yet. But it will be used to handle additional mods (most notably, forge data WILL be saved). I'll edit this release once the forge support extension is released.


  • Nearly all GUIs have been reworked
    • GUIs work better on smaller screens / are scrollable as necessary
    • GUIs all have a background to them
    • Many buttons on GUIs now have a tooltip
  • Extensions system / API
    • Extensions can be created to work with WDL to save new mod blocks and similar.
    • Hologram support has been moved to a (built-in) extension
    • Very fancy looking extensions GUI, which has a scrollable second half.
  • About GUI
    • Previously found in 1.8.8 prereleases; this is the full release.
    • Inlcudes the option to copy debug information.
  • Debug information (version, connected server, etc) added to crash reports
  • Hovering over the [WorldDL] text in a chat message will now display what type of message it is, and how to disable it.
  • Display a "Can't download in single player" message rather than hiding the WDL buttons.
    • Allow viewing the about page in single player
  • Profiling support
  • Warn players to back up the world before overwriting it if they've played on it (plus options to back it up automatically)
  • Redid the multiworld select GUI
    • The multiworld select GUI can now be searched
    • I plan to have it display specific information about each world.
  • Foreign language translation support
    • Right now, I manually translated it to Spanish (though my Spanish isn't that good)
    • @13steinj is working on a Russian translation and an automatic translation tool, but it's not in this version yet. Expect another update with more translations.
    • If you want to help translate, create an issue on github and I can help get you started.
  • Add an automatic update checker (also found in 1.8.8 prereleases)
    • GUI with the update checker, allowing finding the right version.
    • Checks validity of files, to help reduce the risk of malware (stupid redistributing sites...)
  • Resolve all warnings in WDL code, and enable warnings on the project (mostly internal improvements)
  • Removed autostart support (it created several bugs with multiworld and also was problematic when combined with backups)
  • Partially reworked permission system
    • GUIs showing the permissions (WIP)
    • System for requesting new permissions (WIP)
    • System for giving full permissions in certain chunks (WIP)
  • Global properties file, which is used mainly for the first-time use message but can be manually edited if you want to specify defaults
  • Allow access to more World Generator options (default_1_1, AMPLIFIED, large biomes)
  • Allow customizing the superflat preset
  • Allow using the custom world type, and setting its values
  • Fixed a bug with /seed detection (it grabbed the wrong seed)
  • Fixed a bug with painting saving (see uyjulian/LiteModWDL#4 for more info, reported by @badwolfboy)
    • Coincidentally fixed a bug where the world would sometimes go invisible
  • Fix potential ConcurrentModificationExceptions with entities (see #13)
  • A bunch of other things...

Expect some API docs to be put up sooner or later.

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