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@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Nov 18, 2017 · 636 commits to v4 since this release

This version reintroduces support for 1.9. (All of the previous 4.x changes are thus included in 1.9). It also has (base-edit only) 1.9.2 support.

It also adds support for saving the display name on chests. This is a work in progress, and is currently limited only to chests; other containers will be added later (but a large amount of code adjustment, some of which has already started, will be needed).

Note that old MC versions are not tested as thoroughly as current releases. If you encounter any problems, please submit an issue or post in World Downloader's forum thread.

Due to issues with the 1.10.2 litemod (see #71), the build has been reuploaded with a modified mixin config. The original version has been renamed, prefixed with outdated_, but is still available (though since it does not start, there is no reason to use it). Instead, use the new, hotfixed version.

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