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@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Mar 5, 2018 · 589 commits to v4 since this release

This version brings about a major restructuring of how WDL saves containers, and several other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Also, unit tests! This doesn't affect actual users, but does allow for much faster testing (automatically, without having to manually load the mod in each Minecraft version). A lot of the code is still not covered, but the new container code is.

Changes and fixes:

  • Command blocks are now imported after being saved
  • The display name (set via an anvil) is now saved for all block entities
  • Paper is now also treated the same way as spigot with regards to entity track distances
  • Fixed a crash when disconnecting while downloading (#72). Note that I still recommend using "stop download", as this behavior hasn't been fully tested.
  • Fixed a crash when changing worlds (#73) caused by render view entity issues.
  • Custom gamerules are no longer supported. 1.13 no longer has them, and they have no real purpose in the mod (as it is very unlikely that anything that is saved could read them). If you have a use for this functionality, you can still specify them with the /gamerule command.
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