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@Pokechu22 Pokechu22 released this Jan 7, 2019 · 205 commits to v4 since this release

This version brings about several bugfixes and a few other improvements, mainly to map items and the backup system.

Backup system

  • Output and progress from the custom backup command is now displayed.
  • When using 7-zip, -bsp1 (output progress information to stdout) must be included in the command-line arguments for that to work. The default has been updated to include this, but if you previously manually changed it you will need to update it.
  • Improved error messages related to invalid custom backup commands.
  • Backup can now be skipped by pressing escape on the progress GUI. This will lead to an incomplete backup. I plan on improving the UX for this in the future (e.g. adding an actual button) but want to make other changes to the backup screen first.

Map items

  • Fixed the map dimension not being set, causing crashes (#106).
  • The correct map dimension is now determined from context when possible.
  • The center of a map is now determined from context when possible (so it won't be overwritten by the area at 0, 0 if that's loaded).
  • idcounts.dat is now written, meaning creating new maps in the downloaded world will no longer override existing maps. This is based on the highest seen map, so if new maps are later created on the server overwriting can still occur, but it's better than starting at 0 where it will always occur.


  • Versions of the mod now are named with leading/trailing 0's, e.g. 1.09.0 instead of 1.9. This should make them appear in a more sane order.
  • Fixed trapped chests not saving properly in 1.13+.
  • Fixed backspace not updating the results of some text fields (searching and the custom backup command) in 1.13+.
  • Stopped logging a meaningless FileNotFoundException the first time a world is saved.
  • Added sanity checks for base changes not applying properly (e.g. due to a conflict with other mods) so that it's clear that it happened from the start.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with ReplayMod.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with MoreCommands (in development).
  • The game rules GUI now directly modifies game rules in the downloaded world, instead of acting as an override. This means that rules changed via /gamerule in the world are still kept instead of being clobbered when the world is downloaded again.
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