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Python Piped GRapher
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ppgr (Python Piped GRapher)

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ppgr is available through pip, installation is as easy as pip install ppgr.

ppgr should work with all machines that have Python 3.4 or newer and a sane-ish terminal emulator.

DO NOT expect the APIs (CLI or otherwise) to be stable during the 0.x.x versions. I will follow semantic versioning to at least some degree.


ping -i 0.5 | sed -run 's/.*icmp_seq=([0-9]+).*time=([0-9.]+).*/\1 \2/p' | ppgr --min-y 0 Shows really nicely with what kind of inputs ppgr already excels at.

bash -c "while true; do dig | sed -run 's/.*Query time: ([0-9]+).*/\1/p' | tr '\n' ' '; echo; sleep 1; done" | ppgr --format t t t Not very useful without colors/lines between points.


All contributions are greatly appreciated. If you find any bugs or errors, or would simply like to see some feature, please create an issue in GitHub. I will also accept sane pull requests.


(in a somewhat priority order)

  • More and better documentation
  • Do a few simple examples with asciinema
  • Create a simple page to (or similiar url)
  • More examples
  • Tests
  • Labels
    • x and y axes
    • each data set (if using colors)
  • Colors
    • for points (although it won't be perfect since there are up to 8 "pixels" per characters
    • background
  • Pre, post and formatprocessors
    • Lines between points
    • Bar graphs?
    • Histograms
    • Running average
  • Basic statistics from all points (or data sets)
    • min
    • max
    • avg
    • med
    • mean
  • Support and test Python 2.7 (?)
  • Improve how points are drawn to screen (don't draw everything again on every frame)
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