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A simple temporary-note taking app.

Now you could list what you gonna do the next day before you go to bed;

Or you could write down some thoughts temporarily while you are focusing on something else.

With @-handle and #-handle you could easily highlight time, places, people and themes.

Hope you like it :-D


  • Floats on your windows. Reachable anytime
  • Covering something you are working at? Just hide it
  • Highlight time, places, people and themes with @ and #
  • Global shortcuts. Easy to control
  • Simple and elegant user interface design


  • Press Alt+Shift+S to show/hide Piece anywhere and anytime.
  • Highlight time, places, people and themes with @-handle and #-handle.

Less = More

The product philosophy of Piece is LESS equals MORE. It doesn’t matter where we put ours thoughts, ideas and to-dos down. What really counts is that we actually do that eventually - go back to my thoughts and work out some problems; continue my new idea and make it big; or just simply get everything listed done. The way how we put the pieces down should be as simple as possible. And this simple way, with your pieces is the LESS, which might bring your something MORE than you have imagined.

And this is what Piece do.

Download and enjoy your peace(piece)


MIT Β© 2016 Polaris Chen

Crafted with love by Polaris

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