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Code Submission Rules

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Follow these rules and suggestions if you want to submit code to this codebase, please.


  1. This list is always subject to change. As the needs of the server change, it will be updated.
  2. The Development and Server Staff have final say in what code gets merged, and what code does not. Development Staff have the Owner or Member tags on the GitHub. Server Staff are listed on our main Wiki.
  3. Anyone is free to contribute to the codebase, unless specifically prohibited. The Server and Development Staff reserve the right to ban or deny PRs from contributors who have repeatedly added bad or sneaky code.
  4. Please make use of the information on the Wiki tab of our GitHub, it helps us help you fix whatever issues you may be having. (
  5. Most features will be not be merged for at least 24 hours after being posted. This is to allow time for discussion by the staff and community. Bugfixes may be merged before that time, at the Development Staff’s discretion.
  6. Development Staff are not to merge their own PRs, excepting certain circumstances, such as critical bugfixes or permission from Head Staff.
  7. List your changes in the first post of your PR. Modified sprites, especially, take a long time to review if you don’t specifically name them in your opening comment.
  8. The sole exception to the above is Points of Interest. As PoI’s are meant to be places to explore it is requested that the full details in regards to loot, enemies, and the layout be discussed privately with development staff.
  9. Compile, run, and test your code before committing. This will catch many of the most obvious bugs and runtimes that show up.
  10. If you are unwilling to correct your code, should it be merged and issues found, it will be corrected or removed. Code that is merged and found to contain changes the Development Staff were not made aware of will be corrected or removed.
  11. Keep your Pull Requests simple, specific, and serious, ie: adding one feature or fixing one bug. Do not add features to PRs that have already been reviewed by the Development Staff. PRs that do not meet this standard will be closed at the Development Staff’s discretion.
  12. If after reviewing your PR a member of the development staff deems it necessary for changes to be made, please make those changes. If the requested changes are not made and you cannot provide sufficient reasoning for why these changes are unnecessary/cannot be made your PR may be closed.
  13. The Development Staff determines what is or is not a bug, feature, or otherwise.
  14. Never assume your code will be merged. We greatly appreciate the work our non-Staff coders do, but not everything will make it in.


  1. Discuss your ideas with the Staff before you begin coding. It’s much simpler for the staff to discuss and decide on ideas, rather than actual code, and it saves everybody time.
  2. Please be patient. New features, especially those that have not been previously discussed, take time to assess and discuss. The Development Staff will attempt to keep the PR’s creator informed on the status of the decision
  3. Don’t be discouraged if your code isn’t merged. Not everything makes it in, but we really do appreciate the work that gets done.
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