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Polarr for Mac / Windows support

Welcome to Polarr Support for Mac / Windows! (Please note that this section is only for Mac / Windows apps, for other platforms, please return to https://github.com/Polarrco/.) Here you can post any questions, bugs and feedback regarding Polarr. Some of the issues will be marked as cash_bounty by Polarr and we provide a cash reward for any user who can reliably reproduce the issue.

Before posting an issue

Before posting an issue, consult the wiki page at: https://github.com/Polarrco/polarr_mac_support/wiki to see if your question has already been answered. You can also browse current "closed issues" and "open issues" to see if your problem has been addressed. Closed issues have already been resolved. Open issues are ongoing discussions.

To post a new issue

  1. Create a github account or login.
  2. Go to the "Issues" tab.
  3. Use "New Issue" button to create new issue.
  4. Enter a subject and a detailed description, including the device you're using and explain what's happening. Providing screenshots of the problem will help us massively- please drag and drop these in if you have them.
  5. Choose the appropriate Labels for your issue (i.e.bug, feature_request, question, payment, licensing, translation, etc.)

After you submit the issue, our team will be noticed as soon as an issue is filed and we will engage as soon as we can. If you need additional help, email support@polarr.co directly.