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Back-end daemons to handle registration and scoreboard


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#PoliCTF Server daemons

This is the repository for the PoliCTF registration and scoreboard daemons.

Sample configuration files for daemons and NGINX as reverse proxy can be found in the conf/ directory. Please thoroughly review config before deploying.

Suppose you want to run the scoreboard daemon on Debian/Ubuntu as user polictf-daemons (set in the config) behind NGINX reverse proxy. The following commands will have it up and running as a proper daemon:

scoreboard -c /path/to/scoreabord.config
chown polictf-daemons:www-data /path/to/scoreboard-fcgi-socket
chmod 0660 /path/to/scoreboard-fcgi-socket


The gameboard for the 2015 polictf is available here: (source branch)

Scoreboard API

"/common/status", &scoreboard::commonstatus
"/common/challenge/([0-9]+)", &scoreboard::challenge
"/common/challenges", &scoreboard::challenges
"/team/status", &scoreboard::teamstatus
"/team/submit", &scoreboard::teamsubmit
"/login", &scoreboard::login
"/logout", &scoreboard::logout