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* 0.2.3
* There was a bug with hyperlinks that had a break tag in them. The
document would fail to convert. This issue has been fixed.
* 0.2.2
* There was a bug with hyperlinks that were missing text. The document
would fail to convert. This issue has been fixed.
* 0.2.1
* If a list had an inconsistency in the ilvls, the content for the
inconsistent ilvl would be lost. Now we roll that inconsistent list into
the root, no longer losing the content.
* 0.2.0
* If a list had a numId that was not stored in the numbering dict, then a
key error would be thrown. Now if either the numId or the ilvl for a
given list tag is invalid it defaults to returning a list type of
* 0.1.11
* Sometimes in the OOXML an image will have a height or width of 0. If this
happens we are now ignoring the height and width in the OOXML and using
the full image instead.
* 0.1.10
* Added a user facing version
* 0.1.9
* There was a problem for some lists that would cause missing content if
the list id's were not well behaved. This issue has been addressed.
* 0.1.8
* Fixed missing content with hyperlinks with more than one run tag and
* Certain image types are now being ignored. These include: emf, wmf and
* 0.1.7
* If the indentation level of a set of lists (with the same list id) were
mangled (Starting off with a higher indentation level followed by a
lower) then the entire sub list (the list with the lower indentation
level) would not be added to the root list. This would result in removing
the mangled list from the final output. This issue has been addressed.
* 0.1.6
* Header detection was relying on case. However it is possible for a lower
case version of headers to show up. Those are now handled correctly.
* 0.1.4
* Added a function to remove tags, in addition stripped 'sectPr' tags since
they have to do with headers and footers.
* 0.1.3
* Hyperlinks with no text no longer throw an error
* Fixed a bug with determining the font size with an incomplete styles dict
* 0.1.2
* Fixed a bug with determining the font size of a paragraph tag
* 0.1.1
* Added a changelog
* Styles are now stripped from hyperlinks
* jinja2 is now used to render test xml
* 0.1.0
* Correctly handle tables and paragraphs in lists. Before if there was a
table in a list it would break the list into two halves, the half before
the table and the half after the table (with the table inbetween them). Now
if there is a table or paragraph in a list those elements get rolled into
the list.