6. Reading & Writing to characteristic value

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Once you've got characteristic, next common step is to read value from it. In order to do that, you should use readValue() function defined on Characteristic. It returns Observable<Characteristic> which emits element, when value of characteristic is ready to read. We decided to return Characteristic instead of NSData due to one purpose - to allow you chain operations on characteristic in easy way.

    .flatMap { $0.discoverServices([serviceId]) }.asObservable()
    .flatMap { Observable.from($0) }
    .flatMap { $0.discoverCharacteristics([characteristicId])}.asObservable()
    .flatMap { Observable.from($0) }
    .flatMap { $0.readValue() }
    .subscribe(onNext: {
        let data = $0.value


While deciding to write to characteristic you have two writing options, that determine write behavior:

  • .withResponse
  • .withoutResponse

Choosing .withResponse, you're waiting to receive .next event on Observable while device has confirmed that value has been written to it. Also, if any error has occurred - you will receive .error on Observable. On the other hand - if you decided to go with .withoutResponse - you'd receive Characteristic just after write command has been called. Also, no errors will be emitted.

Let's jump over to the code:

characteristic.writeValue(data, type: .withResponse)
    .subscribe { event in
        //respond to errors / successful read
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