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Note: Since Behat 2.4 got its own extension system this bundle is replaced by Symfony2MockerExtension.

Build Status

Symfony2 Mockery integration bundle. Currently it supports service mocking.


Add PSSMockeryBundle to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "polishsymfonycommunity/mockery-bundle": "*"


Replace base container class for test environment in app/AppKernel.php::

 * @return string
protected function getContainerBaseClass()
    if ('test' == $this->environment) {
        return '\PSS\Bundle\MockeryBundle\DependencyInjection\MockerContainer';

    return parent::getContainerBaseClass();

Clear your cache

To use it with Behat enable sub-context in your FeatureContext class::

 * @param \Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\HttpKernelInterface $kernel
 * @return null
public function __construct(HttpKernelInterface $kernel)

    $this->useContext('container', new \PSS\Bundle\MockeryBundle\Behat\Context\MockerContainerContext($kernel));

Example story::

Feature: Submitting contact request form
  As a Visitor
  I want to contact sales
  In order to receive more information

  Scenario: Submitting the form
    When I go to "/contact-us"
     And I complete the contact us form with following information
       |First name|Last name|Email                |
       |Jakub     |Zalas    ||
     And CRM API is available
     And I submit the contact us form
    Then the contact request should be sent to the CRM

Step definitions::

 * @Given /^CRM API is available$/
 * @return null
public function crmApiIsAvailable()
        ->mockService('crm.client', 'PSS\Crm\Client')

 * @Given /^(the )?contact request should be sent to (the )?CRM$/
 * @return null
public function theContactRequestShouldBeSentToCrm()
    return new Then(sprintf('the "%s" service should meet my expectations', 'crm.client'));

All the expectations are checked automatically with an @afterScenario hook. Doing it manually only improves the readability of the scenario and gives better error message.

To discuss

  • Does it have to be a bundle? Currently it's rather a Symfony independent library.
  • Is this the right approach/implementation?
  • Do we need more features?
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