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Hipoul is a Wordpress theme designed explicitly for

Hipoul screenshot


What file refers to what:

Default templates
  • index.php: the most generic file in the theme - everything defaults to it
  • style.css: fundamental style file, holds the styling for all the theme parts
  • front-page.php: homepage body
  • header.php: head, body, header and navbar
  • footer.php: footer and social links
  • loop.php: generic posts looper
  • loop-page.php: formats a single page
  • loop-single.php: formats the single post
  • comments.php: outputs the comments
Custom templates
  • page-events.php: outputs all the posts
Custom functions includes
  • includes/theme-setup.php: general setup, such as db and settings
  • includes/theme-functions.php: social links, and avatars
  • includes/theme-loop.php: excerpts, post navigation, post images, and dates handling
  • includes/theme-menu.php: custom classes to build a sane-formatted menu
  • includes/theme-comments.php: comment layout
  • includes/theme-shortcodes.php: handles shortcodes in posts

Target template coverage:

All the primary templates, and possibly the secondary ones too.

Template Hierarchy