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Rating privacy policies for convenience & accountability.
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🔏 PrivacySpy

Most people don’t have the patience to read privacy policies. But privacy is important, and we shouldn’t just trust that products are treating our data right. PrivacySpy uses a consistent rubric to grade privacy policies on a ten-point scale.


If you'd like to run this webserver on your own machine, make sure you set the environment variable DEBUG to True — otherwise, you might have trouble with Heroku's wrapper.


PrivacySpy is licensed under GPLv3 (see LICENSE).


Please help us out! Feel free to submit a PR. PrivacySpy is a small enough project that we don't yet require a specific format for contributions. Just submit a PR!

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PrivacySpy is an open-source initiative maintained by Miles McCainIgor Barakaiev, and the Politiwatch team. Nothing on our platform is legal advice.

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