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Game engine study project developed by KNTG Polygon, licensed under a permissive MIT license.
Currently it is in an early stage of development, thus backwards compatibility is not guaranteed.

Supported platforms

  • Windows 7+ with MSVC compiler (Visual Studio 2017, toolset v141 with SDK 8.1)
  • Linux with both GCC and/or Clang compilers (editor unsupported)
  • macOS with Clang compiler (rendering unsupported until we switch to Vulkan)

PolyEngine currently uses OpenGL 4.3+ only, but might gain support for other graphic
APIs (DirectX, Vulkan, Metal) in the future.


Alomost all dependancies are provided by submodules and are placed in PolyEngine/ThirdParty folder. Only Qt needs to be installed separately. They are:

  • Assimp - model loading
  • Box2D - 2D physics backend
  • Bullet - 3D physics backend
  • Catch - unit tests framework
  • Freetype - font loading and rendering
  • OGG Vorbis - audio files loading
  • OpenAL - audio playback
  • OpenGL 4.3 - rendering backend
  • RapidJSON - JSON parser
  • SDL2 - window management
  • stb - texture loading (stb_image)
  • Qt 5.10.1 - editor frontend

Getting started

Our wiki contains guides on how to setup the engine. Each OS is a bit different:

Example projects

Example projects are available in the examples repository.


Documentation in Doxygen HTML format is available here.


  • master - main branch of the project, intended for stable, tested versions of the engine. Releases will be additionally tagged. Guaranteed to be rebase/force-push free.
  • dev - branch intended for pull request integration and stability testing. Guaranteed to be rebase/force-push free.

Other branches can be removed, renamed or rebased anytime.