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This example shows the basic “node template” that all PolySync nodes use.

The different node states include:

  • set_configuration: The first called out of the node state callbacks. Typically operates on command line arguments the user has passed, if any, and performs initial node configuration.
  • on_init: This is called when a PS node translates into the INIT state, which is after set_configuration.
  • on_release: This is called once on node exit. Should deallocate any memory, close any connections, etc.
  • on_error: This is called continuously when the node is in an error state. Should handle the error and respond appropriately.
  • on_fatal: This is called once when the node translates into a fatal state, before exiting.
  • on_warn: This is called continuously when the system is in the warn state.
  • on_ok: This called continuously when the system is in an OK state. This is where the main code of the node should go; to be executed when everything is operating properly.


Packages: libglib2.0-dev

To install on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev

Building and running the node

$ cd node_template
$ make
$ ./bin/polysync-node-template-c 

For more API examples, visit the "Tutorials" and "Development" sections in the PolySync Help Center here,