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Welcome to the Terra Wiki

What is Terra?

Terra is an incredibly powerful free & open-source data-driven, platform-agnostic world generator. It provides the tools that allow you to create a world exactly to your specifications.

Terra is completely config-defined, meaning that it doesn't have any concept of what a forest, ocean, or even what a cave is. This means Terra is capable of producing worlds unlike the traditional overworld, such as new planets, alien worlds, aether-like dimensions, and much more! These concepts are all implemented through Terra's extensive configuration system, meaning that the main limiting factor is the configuration itself.

Terra's config system is intuitive and relatively simple to learn, while also being the most powerful config system yet seen in a world generator.

Whether you're a server owner looking to spice up your server with out-of-the-box custom terrain, a developer looking to tweak things to better fit your vision, or a creator looking to build completely new biomes or worlds from the ground up, Terra can meet your world generation needs!

How do I get started?

To get started with Terra, take a look at our Quick Start Guide. It will walk you through everything you need to get Terra working on your server, including installing the plugin and setting up a world with the generator.

Community & Support

If you are unsure about anything or need clarification regarding Terra, you can contact us in our Discord server!

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