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Node for Polymesh Blockchain
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maxsam4 and adamdossa Mesh 528/asset ownership transfer (#164)
* Added generic links

* Allow signing keys to accept authorizations

* Added test cases

* Added asset dids

* Added test

* Added token ownership transfer

* Added token ownership transfer tests

* fixed minor bug

* Transfer ticker as well  when transferring token ownership

* Added comments
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Polymesh - The Polymath Blockchain

Polymesh is a blockchain for regulated securities and open finance.


Install Rust:

curl -sSf | sh

Install required tools:


Build Wasm and native code:

cargo build --release


Single node development chain

You can start a development chain with:

./target/release/polymesh --dev --pool-limit 100000 -d /tmp/pmesh-primary-node

Detailed logs may be shown by running the node with the following environment variables set:
RUST_LOG=debug RUST_BACKTRACE=1 ./target/release/polymesh --dev --pool-limit 100000 -d /tmp/pmesh-primary-node.

To access the Polymesh Chain using the Polkadot JS Apps Interface do the following:

  1. In Settings tab under the General section select Local Node (Own, as remote endpoint.
  2. In Settings tab under the Developer section copy paste the custom types definitions into the interface and click the "Save" button.
  3. Reload the page.

Multi-node local testnet

If you want to see the multi-node consensus algorithm in action locally, then you can create a local testnet with two validator nodes for Alice and Bob, who are the initial authorities of the genesis chain that have been endowed with testnet units.

cd scripts/cli
npm install

This uses pm2 to run a local three node network to demonstrate simple consensus.


You can seed the network with some identities, claims, signing keys and assets run.

cd scripts/cli
node ./index.js -n 2 -t 1 -d /tmp/pmesh-primary-node

See README for details.



Substrate Framework

Polymesh is built on Substrate.


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