Provides autocompletion, linting, and more for web components.
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Unlocks all of the power of the Polymer Analyzer in Atom. Uses the atom-languageclient to talk to the Polymer Editor Service, and the atom-ide-ui to provide the UI.


  • typeahead completions for imported elements, with documentation
  • typeahead completions for element attributes, with documentation
  • documentation for elements and attributes when hovering over them with your mouse
  • jump to definition for elements and attributes.
    • Via hyperclick. ctrl-click/cmd-click in the HTML, or the hyperclick:confirm-cursor keybinding.
  • inline errors (squiggle underlines)
    • quick fixes and more complicated edit actions for errors.
      • default keyboard shortcut: alt-a, see diagnostics:show-actions-at-position in keybindings.


apm install atom-ide-ui polymer-ide
# Run the "Window: reload" command in atom (or restart it).

Important Note: If you're upgrading from a previous version, double check to be sure that you've installed atom-ide-ui.

Try it out on a simple example project

git clone
cd atom-plugin/example_project
bower install
atom ./


git clone
cd atom-plugin/
# Register this package only for development
apm link -d
# Run Atom in development mode
atom -d .

The functionality of this plugin lives in the Polymer Editor Service, so most changes you'll want to make will be there, so it's advisable to link in a local copy of it during development:

cd folder/of/editor/service
yarn link
cd folder/of/atom-plugin
yarn link polymer-editor-service