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Polymer Designer

A UI Designer for HTML, Custom Elements, and Polymer.


This is a complete, from-scratch, rewrite of Polymer Designer in Polymer 0.8, sometimes referred to as Designer 2. It it not yet usable, and currently only allows basic editing of some hard-coded demos. Don't expect too much.

We've moved the Designer 2 source into the master branch because we are no longer maintaining Designer 1. If you're looking for the Designer 1 source, it's still available in the designer1 branch.


  • Install Bower and npm Dependencies:

    bower install
    npm install
  • Build the vendored dependencies:

    npm run-script build
  • Start the local development server:

    npm start
  • Navigate Chrome Canary to localhost:8080/ to see the demo interface.

  • All bower components are available at localhost:8080/component/{component-name}/


designer2 does not use WCT yet. Tests are run individually by accessing a test HTML file directly via a /component/ URL, such as http://localhost:8080/component/polymer-designer/test/path/path_test.html

Browser Support

Designer uses some very new browser APIs like Document.elementsFromPoint that are only available in Chrome Canary, as well as some ECMAScript 6 features like classes, enhanced object literals, template strings, etc., that are available in Chrome Canary or very recent and preview versions of Firefox or IE.

We will work to build rough polyfills and/or use vendor prefixed versions like msElementsFromPoint. Until then, Designer requires Chrome Canary.

The pages and components edited by Designer can run in any browsers that they support, that is, you could edit a page that targets legacy browsers like IE5.

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