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build Prefix message about not being first script with Warning: Oct 1, 2014
conf audit license headers Aug 27, 2014
src Remove outdated "sandbox" HTMLImports patch Oct 13, 2014
test update to new HTMLImports api. Sep 30, 2014
.bowerrc Add bower configs Nov 8, 2013
.gitignore Update Oct 14, 2014
bower.json Move polymer-expressions and polymer-gestures from platform into polymer Apr 17, 2014
build-lite.json Add most minimal platform build for x-tag compatibility Oct 23, 2013
build.json remove patches that are no longer needed. Oct 2, 2014
gruntfile.js Compute hash automatically using readManifest Sep 10, 2014
package.json update version to 0.4.2 Oct 2, 2014
platform.js make ShadowDOM work again. Oct 3, 2014