@azakus azakus released this Feb 2, 2018 · 389 commits to master since this release

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New Features

  • Added Polymer.htmlLiteral tagged template literal function to safely include non-<template> variables in Polymer.html templates.
    // Example
    const title = Polymer.htmlLiteral`World!`;
    class LiteralElement extends Polymer.Element {
      static get template() {
        return Polymer.html`<span>Hello ${title}</span>`
    • Note: This is now the only way to include literals in Polymer.html strings
  • Allow use of templatizer without an owner & host property

Meaningful Changes

  • Fix unintended behavior change in Polymer.ResolveUrl.resolveUrl() by again allowing urls beginning with # and / to be treated as absolute URLs.
    • If you want a more standard URL handling behavior, please use new URL()
  • Fix observers being called twice
  • Ensure path notifications from templatized instances don't throw
  • Fix differences between this.slice() and Array.prototype.slice()

Raw Notes

  • Update types (commit)

  • Update JSDocs to use tags (commit)

  • Fix type declarations inadvertedtly referencing Polymer.Element. (#5084) (commit)

  • Use class syntax in documentation (#5077) (commit)

  • Add hash/abs URL resolution tests. (commit)

  • Update types. (commit)

  • Add comments about resolveUrl idiosyncrasies. (commit)

  • Revert "Move absolute url logic to element-mixin" (commit)

  • Added Polymer.version to polymer-externs (#5079) (commit)

  • Avoid tracking parentNode since it's unncessary (commit)

  • Update types. (commit)

  • Fix nit. (commit)

  • Avoid comment constructor for IE support. (commit)

  • Disallow non-templates as interpolations in Polymer.html (#5023) (commit)

  • Exclude index.html from type generation. (#5076) (commit)

  • update types (commit)

  • [element-mixin] Do not create property accessors unless a property effect exists (commit)

  • Use containers for testing again (#5070) (commit)

  • Invoke JS compiler rename for properties (commit)

  • Add package-lock.json back (commit)

  • fix test. (commit)

  • Enhance robustness by replacing slot with a comment (commit)

  • Avoid use of element accessors on doc frag to fix IE/Edge. (commit)

  • Fix linter errors (commit)

  • Fix issue with observers being called twice (commit)

  • Revert package-lock change (commit)

  • [ci-skip] Update changelog (2.4.0) (commit)

  • Add package-lock.json to .gitignore (commit)

  • Update types (commit)

  • Add comments re: instanceProps (commit)

  • Change if-condition to check for arguments.length (commit)

  • Delete package-lock.json (commit)

  • [ci skip] Fix test case name (commit)

  • Fix issue where el.splice could not clear full array (commit)

  • Make owner optional as well. (commit)

  • Update package-lock.json (commit)

  • Update typescript types again, after fixing jsdoc. (commit)

  • Fix lint warnings. (commit)

  • Update typescript types. (commit)

  • Ensure path notifications from templatized instances don't throw. Fixes #3422 (commit)

  • Allow templatizer to be used without owner or host prop forwarding. Fixes #4458 (commit)

  • Templatize: remove slots when hiding children (commit)

  • Clarify API docs for PropertyAccessors mixin (commit)