A simple web server for using components locally
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A simple development server for web projects.

polyserve serves project files from a URL root that allows relative URLs that reach out of the project, like those starting with ../, to work. This is necessary for referencing other packages by path when stored as a flat directory such as how Bower works.

The local package is served at the URL /components/{bower-name}/, with files served from the current directory. Other packages are served at /components/{packageName} with files served from their directory under ./bower_components/.


$ npm install polyserve -g


Run polyserve

$ cd my-element/
$ polyserve

Browse files

Navigate to localhost:8080/components/my-element/demo.html


  • -c The component directory to use. Defaults to reading from the Bower config (usually bower_components/)
  • -n Package name. Defaults to reading from bower.json
  • -p The TCP port to use for the web server
  • -o Opens your default browser to an initial page, e.g. "demo" or "index.html"
  • -b <browsername> use this browser instead of default (ex: 'Google Chrome Canary')
  • -H <hostname> use this hostname instead of localhost
  • -P <protocol> The server protocol to use {h2, https/1.1, http/1.1}. h2 requires Node 5+.
  • -key <path> Path to TLS certificate private key file for https. Defaults to "key.pem".
  • -cert <path> Path to TLS certificate file for https. Defaults to "cert.pem".
  • -manifest <path> Path to h2-push manifest

Compiling from Source

$ npm install
$ npm run build

You can compile and run polyserve from source by cloning the repo from Github and then running npm run build. Make sure you have already run npm install before building.

Run Tests

$ npm test