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ahaasler commented Jan 6, 2017

This fixes #394 by adding :host ::content to the app-grid-style selectors following instructions in

I had to keep the previous selectors because tests didn't pass otherwise. If someone wants to check it or knows why that's happening my unsquashed commits are at The first commit causes the app-grid tests to fail.

@ahaasler ahaasler Add support for distributed children in app-grid
Distributed children test and demo has been added.
@googlebot googlebot added the cla: yes label Jan 6, 2017
@@ -121,7 +121,8 @@
- :host {
+ :host,
+ :host ::content {
blasten Jan 6, 2017 edited Member

It can just be ::content. Similar comment for the rest of the selectors.

ahaasler Jan 7, 2017

While I was working on the PR I discovered that using ::content without :root works, but should it?

In the Polymer docs (link above) this can be seen:

Under shady DOM, the <content> tag doesn't appear in the DOM tree. Styles are rewritten to remove the ::content pseudo-element, and any combinator immediately to the left of ::content.

This implies:

  • You must have a selector to the left of the ::content pseudo-element.

    :host ::content div

Also, in some code samples there's this clarification:

/* styling elements distributed to content (via ::content) requires */
/* selecting the parent of the <content> element for compatibility with */
/* shady DOM . This can be :host or a wrapper element. */

I already have this change in my workspace, and the tests and demos all work as expected, but should I really submit this change?


Thanks for the PR @ahaasler. Just a minor comment.

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