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gold-cc-cvc-input is a single-line text field with Material Design styling for entering a credit card's CVC (Card Verification Code). It supports both 4-digit Amex CVCs and non-Amex 3-digit CVCs


<gold-cc-cvc-input card-type="amex"></gold-cc-cvc-input>

It may include an optional label, which by default is "CVC".

<gold-cc-cvc-input label="Card Verification Value"></gold-cc-cvc-input>

It can be used together with a gold-cc-input by binding the cardType property:

<gold-cc-input card-type="{{cardType}}"></gold-cc-input>
<gold-cc-cvc-input card-type="[[cardType]]"></gold-cc-cvc-input>


The input considers a valid amex CVC to be 4 digits long, and 3 digits otherwise. The amex attribute can also be bound to a gold-cc-input's card-type attribute.

The input can be automatically validated as the user is typing by using the auto-validate and required attributes. For manual validation, the element also has a validate() method, which returns the validity of the input as well sets any appropriate error messages and styles.

See Polymer.PaperInputBehavior for more API docs.


See Polymer.PaperInputContainer for a list of custom properties used to style this element.

Custom property Description Default
--gold-cc-cvc-input-icon Mixin applied to the icon {}