Access to localStorage
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Demo and API docs


Element access to Web Storage API (window.localStorage).

Keeps value property in sync with localStorage.

Value is saved as json by default.


ls-sample will automatically save changes to its value.

<dom-module id="ls-sample">
  <iron-localstorage name="my-app-storage"

    is: 'ls-sample',
    properties: {
      cartoon: {
        type: Object
    // initializes default if nothing has been stored
    initializeDefaultCartoon: function() {
      this.cartoon = {
        name: "Mickey",
        hasEars: true
    // use path set api to propagate changes to localstorage
    makeModifications: function() {
      this.set('', "Minions");
      this.set('cartoon.hasEars', false);

Tech notes:

  • value.* is observed, and saved on modifications. You must use path change notification methods such as set() to modify value for changes to be observed.

  • Set auto-save-disabled to prevent automatic saving.

  • Value is saved as JSON by default.

  • To delete a key, set value to null

Element listens to StorageAPI storage event, and will reload upon receiving it.

Warning: do not bind value to sub-properties until Polymer bug 1550 is resolved. Local storage will be blown away. <iron-localstorage value="{{}}" will cause data loss.